Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You Tube Tuesday #87

This video made me laugh out loud this morning. I came into work in a lousy mood but this helped.

At first I thought, "what the heck is this?" Then I thought, "man, entertainment has come a long way!" And then I thought, "this is so weird." Then I started to giggle and finally exploaded in laughter.



Sara said...

I think the real question is which guy would you be? ;)

Kerri. said...

That is the silliest shit I have ever seen. And it was awesome. :D

Cara said...

OMG!!!! It's from an episode of Hee Haw! :D
I loved that show when I was little. :)
I will let you know when I am doing an Emmaus. I actually haven't been through Emmaus. I went through Chrysilis when I was in high school. I am guessing that palanca is our version of agape (little gifts?). If so, I will be glad to let your know when it's coming. I am thinking of going through Emmaus sometime in the next year.

k2 said...

So silly and crazy...yet so G-Ninja like, in a kind of really strange/funny way!

Scott K. Johnson said...

ROFL! Dude! W.T.F. Batman?!

And that shyte was on TV at some point?!!

Ahhh ROFL!!!

My word verification is "dialing", as in "I am dialing the nuthouse for those to crazy dudes...".


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