Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sometimes You Have to Laugh

Lately I keep writing and tweeting about how tired I am. It’s true. I am. Always it seems. Last night was no exception.

I had the chance to go to bed early so I took it. By 10 o’clock I hit the hay and fell promptly asleep.

It was like a sauna. I was tossing and turning. I kicked off my covers on to my wife to cool off! Ugh, then I started sweating horribly which finally forced me to wake up. I checked my blood and saw I was at 53 but it was 12:30. Jasmine made me a PB & J to keep me from dropping through the night.

I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for the sandwich and was swaying back and forth. When I heard my wife walked in I was laying down again, which I do not remember doing. I sat up and she handed me the sandwich (really what would I do without her?). It was weird because it was freezing. I mean, so cold I knew there would be no way I could eat it.

I saw the paper plate with the sandwich in my hand but I could not pick it up. I was looking at it, trying to pick it up to eat it but still feeling how cold it was. It was the most confusing thing I have ever had happen to me.

My left hand was holding the paper plate with the sandwich and my right hand was touching this cold sandwich but I could not lift it. It was at this point that I realized I had my hand on a diet soda that I asked Jasmine to bring for me to wash the sandwich down.

I started laughing hysterically.

“What?” My wife was half asleep too and had no clue what the heck I was cracking up about. How could I explain it?

“Nothing. I’ll tell you tomorrow. Thanks.”

It was so funny for some reason. Probably not the time to laugh your butt off but you know this disease can catch us off guard which can be funny.

Have you ever had a low or a moment that cracked you up like this? I have been disoriented before but this was a new level.

Let me know. I would love to laugh too.

Laughter is good medicine.


Windy said...

Yes Yes Yes! And it happened yesterday and it is coming in vlog form sometime soon via my husband's narration.

It is CRAZY that you do that at 53! I can totally get up and get my own juice until I get into the low 30's... that's when the super crazy stuff starts to happen. The echoing voices, time slowing down, super duper mood swings.... sometimes I feel like one of the guys on HEROES, only it's not cool... it SUCKS!

tmana said...

Here's the "humor": it makes about as much sense as washing down an entire (11 oz) bag of potato chips with a two-liter bottle of diet Coke -- which is exactly what a lot of my classmates did when I was in high school (I figured if I was eating chips I might as well go for the gusto and drink The Real Thing... OTOH, I wasn't dealing with T2DM at the time, either...)

Cara said...

I cry. :) Laughing is not in my abilities when I'm very low. Tears come very easily for me then.

Araby62 said...

Not while low, but sometimes I have to wonder who let the pack of monkeys in my kitchen in the morning...I find wrappers, spilled juice and evidence of a 'late nighter' that I have NO recollection of :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

One time when I was younger my mom was helping me treat a low.

She brought me some oreo cookies and put them in one hand, and a napkin which she put in the other hand.

She said "now DON'T eat the napkin".

Guess what I did...

I'm worried that if my wife hears that story she'll start asking for the checkbook when I'm low.

Sandy :) said...

Well, when you turn fifty George, everday is hysterical. Example. bill is always looking for his phone...when he's ON IT! I had a bad fall the other day, hit my head on the floor and now I have a concussion. I went to work, thinking I'm ninja I guess, and my work sent me to the ER two days later, because my vision was blurred. So I left, panicked Bill, he met me at home, and I didn't want to go until I took a shower. I mean...I had to be clean with clean chonies, right? Oi Vey.

Just had to laugh with you! (I'm fine by the way)