Friday, May 01, 2009

Who Invited the Police!?

Yesterday we had our quarterly company meeting. I have talked about how wacky my company is and how we always have “themed” parties and meetings and such.

Well for this meeting, the theme was Pirates and because my cousin is an awesome cake maker, the Entertainment Committee asked me to order a cake from her.

It came out great.

One of our salespeople came up to me and asked, “So who made the cake?”

My cousin! And I can't wait to have a piece!” You should have heard how proud I was.

“YOU CAN’T EAT THAT! (He was almost shouting!) IT HAS TOO MUCH SUGAR!”


I said, “That’s what insulin’s for” and I walked away.

Then another salesperson said, “Hey George. Man I had rough time last week with “so and so” (I cannot remember his name) who came to work with me. We went fishing one day and man, it was tough feeding the guy. I had no idea how hard it is to have diabetes. He can’t eat anything!”

I found out he was a newly diagnosed type 2 who is terrified of shots and is eating pretty much nothing to lose weight and not raise his BG.

My coworker made me happy in that at least he saw the struggle and wanted to talk about it. I told him what I do and how it’s different and he seemed to get it.

I don’t mind the members of the Diabetes Police that are willing to listen and want to understand.

It’s the ones who shout, “You CAN’T EAT THAT!” that drive me nuts.

Honestly, must you shout?


Sara said...

But if they don't shout no one else can hear how caring they are and how they can take care of you better than you can!!

Then, what would be the point?

CALpumper said...


I mean. Oops, sorry. My YELLING MODE WAS TURNED ON.

Stupid CAPS.


Nice cake!!!! Looks Yummy.
Can I have a cake AND (ha ha) eat it too? Without yelling? Or questioning? Or stares?

And no doubt, we NEVER (oh I meant it that time!!) Invite The Police!!


k2 said...

Next time a D Police rep shouts out, "YOU CAN'T EAT THAT, IT HAS TO MUCH SUGAR!"
You shout right back to her or him in an even louder voice,"EXACTLY HOW MUCH DO YOU WEIGH AGAIN?"
Or you can always just go with my favorite and call them a SUGAR WHORE.

CALpumper said...

Yeah, um, Totally need to use those next time k2!!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! Sugar Whore?! LOL!!

What if you would have cut a big slice then totally mashed it right in the guys face. That would have been pretty sweet (no pun intended).


Cara said...

LOL! I rarely have people yell at me anymore. But when they do, it's sooooo annoying. I usually just roll my eyes and say "I eat whatever I want to."
They either a)think horrible thoughts about how I'm going to kill myself w/ my bad eating and don't say anything else; or b) ask about it and I get to educate.
By the way, LOVE the cake. I visit your cousin's blog on a regular basis. She's soooo talented.

ninnifur said...

I just had an encounter with the diabetes police! and THEY bought said food for me! oy.

I'm going to go with sugar whore next time. Mainly because I just like saying whore. lol