Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Fun

So, I gained a pound this week. I knew it before I saw the number on the scale this morning.

I am not angry about it. I did a lot of up and down with my weight when I lost it before. I am still motivated and am not giving up so I am not going to let that get to me today. No way! No how!

Today, or I should say tonight I am going to meet up with my good friend LeeAnn!

It makes me want to sing. (you can sing along to the tune of "Tonight" from West Side Story)

Tonight. Tonight. I'll meet LeeAnn tonight.
Tonight is going to be awesomeness!
Tonight. Tonight! We'll talk and grab a bite
and we'll say that the OC's the best!
Today, you'll say "hey where did he go?"
I'm down in San Diego, we'll vlog or we will write,
About, our time, the fun that we will have
will be a sight!!!!

Okay, that is not my best WSS version of a blog but still I am uber excited about hanging out with LeeAnn.

And also, I am pretty stoked that a small little ninja made it to it's intended destination! :)

Have a great weekend.


tmana said...

Filking is Fun.

Don't think I've published a dfilk yet, though I have one I need to share <weg>

George said...

There was the one you did on dLife. Wasn't that one? About the D-Parade.

Bernard said...


I'm glad you're not letting that 1 pound throw you off. Keep working at it.

I can't wait to see the vlog with you and LeeAnn, especially as she was singing in her last one. Maybe you guys can do a duet.

Lee Ann Thill said...

I'm super excited... you're going to be here soon, and it's going to be so awesome! Best 18 hour vacation EVAH!!

Cara said...

Sadly, I can totally hear that song being sung in my head now. You gonna vlog it?? :P